Ryan grew up listening to all kinds of music with his parents' influence, and begin his career with the guitar at age nine. Although he started with the guitar, he quickly realized that the bass guitar was his calling. He had joined the high school jazz program and it only encouraged his love for bass guitar. His influences are his dad, Geddy Lee, and Flea. He is most notably known for his originality in basslines and groovy rhythms in songs like "Donut Girl" and "CQB". 

This guy has been playing the drums since he could walk at two years old. Entirely self-taught with the influence of his father, he is undeniably talented as a drummer. Archie is the driving force of the band with his extravagant drumrolls and grooving beats. His determination and heart do not go unnoticed on stage. As a co-founder of the band, Archie brings the boom to Fire the Canon.  



Andrew is a Chicago born die-hard rock and blues fan who founded Fire the Canon out of his passion for music. He initially started out on the drums, but began learning guitar from YouTube and saw that it was his instrument. Having never taken a professional lesson, Andrew's self-made guitar style is the result of online teachings and natural ability. He continues to follow his lifelong dream of creating a rock band like no other.


Born of music, Tristan's first high note was when she left the womb. Her passion started in backstage green rooms with her dad. From there, she played piano at four, found herself singing in the living room, and picking up a little bit of bass guitar at eight, guitar at ten. Ultimately, she has found her call in vocal performance and enjoys her time with the boys in the band.