Fire the Canon! is the perfect storm of four crazy musicians living their dreams as rockstars. Being able to perform at festivals, stages, and theaters, their reputation continues to be professional, entertaining, and fun. With lead vocalist, Tristan, taking her musical background to show herself off on stage with an empowering voice. Ryan King, the baddest bassist in town, bringing back the groove and drive of his instrument along with some insanely executed moves on stage. The drummer extraordinaire, Ryan Gallagher, just wanting to bang on his drums every day, brings the boom to the "canon" in the band, but don't find yourself caught by his jokes backstage. And with the lead guitar on stage right, Andrew Gallagher, using his skills as a musician and his knowledge to press the boundaries of music itself in his songwriting and onstage solos, his riffs bring the music into the soul. The perfect storm meshes together to return music to its genuine rawness and emotion. A professional sound that speaks to the audience and forces them to dance, sing, laugh and cry in a personal experience with Fire the Canon! 

Ryan Gallagher, come to a show and you'll surely see he brings the BOOM! to Fire The Canon! Ryan is simply amazing. Ryan started banging on the drums at the age of 2 with some help from his Dad... Completely
self taught he keeps the heartbeat of Fire The Canon.  He is influenced by Genesis and Phil Collins as well as Neil Peart and John Bonham. Sometimes we think he has John Bonham trapped in his body! 


Andrew Gallagher is the lead guitarist for Fire the Canon! He is a Chicago born die-hard rock and blues fan who takes a musical influence from his favorite bands such as Peter Gabriel, Genesis, The Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, and Radiohead.  After initially trying the drums, Andrew turned to YouTube to try his luck on the guitar and it quickly turned into a passion.  Having never taken a professional lesson, Andrew’s self-made guitar style is the result of the what he found online and his natural abilities. On top of his self-taught studies, he also has taken two years of music theory. His style combines old school rock with both jazz and modern rock techniques. By recruiting his brother Ryan and a couple friends, Andrew is credited as the founder of Fire the Canon. He continues to follow his life long dream of creating a rock band like no other.

The Story of "DONUT GIRL"

One day on a Sunday rehearsal, FTC's guitarist, Andrew, brought a dozen donuts to eat and an even more delicious experience to share. He had gone to the donut shop down the road before rehearsal with his brother, Archie, to order some delectable pastries to eat with his bandmates. Upon entering, he noticed the beautiful girl across the counter asking for his order, with a flirtatious smile and some kind words, he impressed her enough to write her phone number on the back of his receipt. She said, "You should keep that". With utmost poise, he said in disbelief, "Wait, why?" and she responded with "Receipts have backsides". Not understanding what she meant, Andrew smiled and walked away with his donut box and receipt, sat down in the car and looked at the back of his receipt to find her phone number. He took the story and the delicious box of donuts to rehearsal where we sat down to write the song all day of Andrew's "Donut Girl". Unfortunately, never getting a text back, Andrew thought Donut Girl would never be found, but she came to one of the shows to find that FTC had written a song about the innocent encounter with the guitarist. Today, Donut Girl comes out to some shows and is still friends with Andrew. 


Tristan Jewel Abrams is a true Rock Star. Born to musician parents, given a stage name “Tristan Jewel” from birth, some could say she was born of music. She has been around music her entire existence and took some of her first steps backstage among Rock Legends such as The GrassRoots, Ides of March and Peter Noone. The Stage is more like home to her, where Sound Engineers and Stage Crew became her family. Tristan started playing piano at age three, voice and guitar at age seven, bass guitar at age ten, and alto saxophone at age twelve. She has been a composer, lyricist and poet with ASCAP since age seven. From a family of jazz-trained musicians, her grandfather (piano), father (guitar), and mother (percussion), Tristan found a great interest in jazz. She attended The Music Institute of Chicago where she was one of the youngest students in the Adult Jazz Studies Program. Tristan has also had the privilege of recording in studios such as Engine Studios and playing venues such as The Metro in Chicago with Girls Rock! at the age of eleven, and again at age twelve.  Tristan bought her first vinyl album at the Chicagoland Record Show when she was about twelve years old. She has also performed Jazz shows with greats such as Wayne Messmer. She is excited about and loves her band brothers in Fire The Canon! Nothing but great things in the future. 


From small beginnings, FTC has risen to set the standard and be the example of the next movement in all of Rock n Roll. Fire the Canon is the perfect storm with performances that inspire audiences of all kinds. With Archie's thundering boom from the bass drum and an emphatic scream from Andrew on the guitar, to the fat umpf and shredding licks from Ryan's bass and the voice of a crazy kid's soul, Tristan. Fire the Canon makes an exclamation in their music. See you at the show!

Fire the Canon!


Ryan King, the bassist of Fire the Canon, brings the rhythm and groove with his complex, original bass lines. Ryan grew up listening to diverse types of music with his parent’s influence, and began his career with the guitar at the age of nine. Within a few short years, though, he quickly realized that the bass guitar was his true calling. Ryan has enjoyed a varied musical background, playing during his high school years in the jazz program. His major influences include his father, Charlie, with whom Ryan still loves to rock out whenever possible. Also heavily influenced by Geddy Lee of Rush, and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ryan constantly strives to become a better musician. Committed to his craft, he picks up his bass or a guitar to hone his skills almost daily. His original and personalized technique demonstrates his preference for a heavy, groovy sound, where his talent, texture, and tone can be appreciated by musicians of all ages and genres. Today, his unique bass lines for their originals such as “Donut Girl” and “CQB” continue to impress during performances and comes alive to be an energetic and charismatic performer.