Bass Guitar

Ryan King, the bassist of Fire the Canon, truly brings the rhythm and groove with complex basslines beyond his years. Dedicated to his music, Ryan picks up the bass guitar everyday in his home music studio. Although Ryan is very passionate about the bass, he started on the guitar at age nine. Ryan quickly realized that music and the bass guitar were his true calling. Today, he continuously impresses his band members with his unique bass lines for their originals such as “Donut Girl” and “Conflicted”. His major influences are his father, Charlie King who Ryan loves to jam with on a regular basis, Geddy Lee from Rush, and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Ryan also has a background in jazz, playing bass with his school’s jazz program for two years. He began listening to all types of music at a very young age with his parent’s influence on the piano and guitar. Ryan’s variety of influences can be seen in his shifts of style and technique; although, he prefers really heavy, groovy bass. His talent, texture, and tone as a bass player can be appreciated by musicians of all genres. 

Vocals & Guitar

Tristan Jewel Abrams is a true Rock star. Born to musician parents, given a stage name “Tristan Jewel” from birth, some could say she was born of music. She has been around music her entire existence and took some of her first steps backstage among Rock Legends such as The GrassRoots, Ides of March and Peter Noone. The Stage is more like home to her, where Sound Engineers and Stage Crew become her family. As a toddler, she would mimic her Dad's stage moves with a little red guitar and put on shows in her front yard. Tristan started playing piano at age three, voice and guitar at age seven, bass guitar at age ten, and alto saxophone at age twelve.  She has been a composer, lyricist and poet with ASCAP since age seven. From a family of jazz-trained musicians, her grandfather (piano), father (guitar), and mother (percussion), Tristan found a great interest in jazz. She attended The Music Institute of Chicago where she was one of the youngest students in the Adult Jazz Studies Program. Tristan has also had the privilege of recording in studios such as Engine Studios and playing venues such as The Metro in Chicago with Girls Rock! at the age of eleven, and again at age twelve.  Tristan bought her first vinyl album at the Chicagoland Record Show when she was about twelve years old. It was Jefferson Airplane's "Flight Log", and now she sings her own version of "Somebody To Love" with Fire The Canon! She has also performed Jazz shows with greats such as Wayne Messmer. She is excited about and loves her band brothers in Fire The Canon! Nothing but great things in the future. 

An up and coming teen band, performing family friendly classic rock, modern rock, and originally recorded music.

Fire the Canon has a tight bond rarely found in even the truest professional musicians.  Together for only two years, since December 2014, they have recently released a debut album, Exclamation! The album includes their single, “Donut Girl” which came about in a real life twist of events involving guitarist, Andrew. Teens are always hungry, so he went for donuts one day during rehearsal.  The girl across the counter seemed to have found interest in him and gave him her number. Unfortunately, he never received a reply from his text due to the fact that the Donut Girl’s phone was broken. Then he found out she actually had a boyfriend. Resulting in the infamous plea lyric line of “DoNUT break my heart”.  The song, “Donut Girl” and other originals can be found on On itunes, spotify, amazon and more…

Ryan Gallagher
come to a show and you'll surely see he brings the BOOM! to Fire The Canon! Ryan is simply amazing. Ryan started banging on the drums at the age of 2 with some help from his Dad... Completely self taught he keeps the heartbeat of Fire The Canon.  He is influenced by Genesis and Phil Collins as well as Neil Peart and John Bonham. Sometimes we think he has John Bonham trapped in his body! 

Lead Guitar & Vocals

Andrew Gallagher the lead guitarist for Fire the Canon! He is a Chicago born die-hard rock and blues fan who takes a musical influence from his favorite bands such as Peter Gabriel, Genesis, The Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, and Radiohead.  After initially trying the drums, Andrew turned to YouTube to try his luck on the guitar and it quickly turned into a passion.  His Great Uncle then gave him an old acoustic guitar that Andrew played until he bought his own electric guitar. Having never taken a professional lesson, Andrew’s self made guitar style is the result of the what he found online and his natural abilities. His mother, Michelle Mikolay, has been a professional singer since she was 17 and fully supports Andrew in his musical endeavors. By recruiting his brother Ryan and a couple friends, Andrew is credited with the initial spark that created the band we know today.  This “perfect storm” of rockers are looking to continue their love for music by growing and expanding the influence of Fire the Canon!

Family friendly music from across the ages such as Jefferson Airplane, Led Zeppelin, Weezer, Radiohead, John Legend and more.
Fire the Canon brings to the stage a unique, vibrant display that captivates audience members. This amazing entertainment is actually coming from what most people call “kids”. They are not your average teen band and will surely make your head turn.  Andrew, Tristan and the Ryans hope to see you at the next show. Fire the Canon!